Jun 10

Scenes from my Week

wood stool{pretty deliveries for a client install}

House hunting is a funny thing. While I’m well aware that getting emotionally attached to any one place is a massive mistake for a multitude of different reasons, successfully remaining detached is a whole new ballgame. We put an offer on the perfect little place on Monday and while, consciously, we knew our chances were slim in this market, I didn’t realize how invested I had already gotten until we found out we didn’t get it. While we’re staying positive and know in our bones that our home is still waiting for us somewhere out there, I have to admit that this week has been a bit of an (unexpected) emotional roller coaster. I knew it was going to be tough, but it wasn’t until I was thrust into the thick of things that I realized just how anxiety-inducing the whole process could be. So here’s to staying positive, and trusting that the right home will find us when we’re ready. As always, here are a few other moments from my week. 

crown flora

{the sweetest mini garden centre}


{prepping for a presentation}

rainy sunday

{a cool and rainy sunday}


{celebrating a friend’s birthday}

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