May 26

My Go-To Ice Cream Shops in Toronto

Best ice cream in TorontoThe weather has been on a steady incline for the better part of the week now, which is getting me all sorts of excited for what’s to come. In our household the next few months are known less as summer, and more as ice cream season. And if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way… But when it comes to said ice cream, I’m just a touch discerning. Not only do I much prefer quality over quantity (one of my biggest pet peeves is wasting precious calories on items that simply aren’t worth it), I also need a good neighborhood peruse while ingesting said ice cream (read: vibe is imperative). I’ve done my homework, I’ve come equipped, and I’ve officially rounded up the best ice cream in Toronto, as far as I’m concerned. 


Best ice cream in Toronto

Ed’s Real Scoop

Pros: homemade, super creamy, all natural ice cream that simply can’t be beat. Their Leslieville location is our go-to, however there’s something to be said about grabbing one at the beaches location, and walking the boardwalk ice cream in tow

Cons: if you can believe it, sometimes I find their ice cream too creamy.  Sometimes you just need a good chunk, you know?


Scoop Shop

Pros: a tiny parlour with a small handful of homemade flavours in rotation, each one better than the next. Grab a classic cone, sandwich your favourite between two cookies, or opt for a classic malt. Honest to goodness flavours, made from scratch, and surely filled with love.

Cons: they have slightly odd hours, so make sure you check before you make the trek. 

Best ice cream in TorontoBang Bang

Pros: the perfect balance between your every day classics and crazy inventive flavours (popcorn? london fog? totaro?) Plus, you can opt to sandwich your ice cream in between homemade cookies of your choice, tucked into a puff, or within a Hong Kong waffle, if you so please. 

Cons: I pretty much never leave without feeling nauseous (though I wouldn’t have it any other way). Their portions are large, their chunks can be over the top, but no real complaints here



Pros: More of a gelato shop than an ice cream one, their selection is some of the best there is. The toasted almond? It’ll change your life, I’m convinced

Cons: None that I can think of. Seriously, though! 


NOTEABLE MENTIONS: while Roselle’s isn’t an ice cream shop, they do carry homemade soft serve that will make you weak in the knees. They only carry one flavour at a time, but so far I’ve yet to try one that I haven’t loved. 

sweet jesus

I won’t lie, Sweet Jesus‘ ingredients could use a little bit of quality control, and their out-the-door line ups aren’t always worth it. But as purveyors of soft serve cones with the most insanely creative toppings, I simply had to give them a wee mention (bonus points for the instafreaks amongst us: super cute photo opps are aplenty)

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