Apr 22

Scenes from my Week

white bedroom redesign in progress {Progress at #LLprojectDreamClient}

In dire contrast to our low-key ice cream and patio laden weekend, the week was jam packed. During one particularly late night working, I couldn’t help but notice that by 8 pm it was still surprisingly bright out. Needless to say, the excitement of long summer days have been enough to carry me through. In addition, I’m headed to a cottage this weekend (with 18 ladies no less) to help host a friend’s bachelorette, and that alone has been enough to help justify the long and late nights. As always, heres a peek at my week. Enjoy your weekend!

birthday cake ice cream {The first cone of the season: cafĂ© au lait & birthday cake}

spring purse{my new favourite purse for spring}
mexican-patio-decor{margaritas were had here}
gold bar earring{my new favourite everyday earring, from Vrai & Oro}

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