Apr 1

Scenes from my Week

pink tulips{fresh tulips for our dining room table}

I’ve recently partnered with an old colleague to design a custom 4,000 square foot home from the ground up. As in – there is a dilapitated house on a lot and we levelling it and putting whatever the heck we want in its place. The budget is outrageous, the clients are incredible, and to say that this is exciting for my growing business would be a massive understatement. This week has consisted primarily of  a ton of late nights as we prepped for our first big design presentation, but following are a few small moments that stuck out in the midst of trace paper and permit navigation madness. 

art gallery

{picking art at Lumas}

pink mani{the prettiest soft pink manicure, just in time for Spring}

banana muffins{banana crunch muffins}

winter farm {pretty scenes en route to my sister’s last weekend}

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