Mar 11

Scenes from my Week

Birthday cake truffles {my new favourite indulgence: birthday cake truffles}

Justin and I are currently in Quebec City soaking up the last little bits of winter. He recently turned 30, so it only made sense for us to sneak away for a romantic weekend getaway. I’m finally feeling my self again after a few weeks of feeling off, both emotionally and physically, and I’m looking forward to a few days of celebration with my favourite human on earth. Feel free to follow our adventures on snapchat (username: larkandlinen). And in the meantime I will “see” you next week!

Nursery decor{cute wire signs for a client’s nursery}

Spring flowers{stocking up on spring blooms}

Sunday brunch{scenes from Sunday brunch}

momofuku{catching up with old coworkers over dinner at Momofuku Daisho}

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