Feb 5

Scenes from my Week

Black gold sconce{Black & gold beauties delivered for a client’s Master}

My sister is officially due with her first today, and I really and truly couldn’t be more excited. Needless to say, we’re all on high alert for baby girl to make her big debut. Admittedly, it has been proving difficult to focus my attention on anything else; who knew something so tiny could take up such a large part of your brain space? The key was to keep myself occupied: client presentations, birthday celebrations, and things of that nature were extra important and eliminated my urge to pace, or constantly text my sister for uterus updates (as you do). As always, here are a few scenes from my week. Enjoy your weekend – I’m hoping there’s a squishy baby in my arms by the end of mine! xo


{on heavy rotation these days #brr}


{the cutest sugar spoon my brother brought me from China}

book{so proud of my friend Erin & her incredible book}

interior-design-presentation {client presentation prep}
ps: I’m currently booking for March if your space needs help!

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