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My Tried and True Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Amazing tips for a good night's sleep

While there are many areas I can definitely improve on when it comes to my health and well-being, sleep has never been one of them. I’m one of those people who literally cannot function without at least 8 hours each night – I legitimately turn into a monster with a wicked sore throat when I skimp. And having dealt with anxiety off and on my whole life, I notice a significant difference with my mental state when I’m tired. As a result, getting some solid zzz’s has been one of my biggest priorities for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t always come easy, but the following are some of my personal favourite tips for getting a solid night’s rest. 

Tea, books, glasses.


Turn your before-bedtime activities into a ritual you can look forward to each night. Whether it’s a late night bath with soothing oils, taking the time to slowly remove your makeup instead of rushing through it, or grabbing a hot cup of herbal tea while you flip through a few pages of a magazine… A few minutes of pre-bedtime, totally self-indulgent, downtime makes a world of difference. 

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We’ve all heard the stats. We spend an alarming amount of time in our beds, and our health and well-being is at the helm. So it only makes sense to invest in the best bedding you can afford. I recently got my hands on a full set of Annie Selke Luxe bedding, and it has been a total game changer. They are legitimately the softest sheets you can imagine. Paired with the most gorgeous coverlet on the planet and the fluffiest pillow in all the land, and I’m off to dreamland in seconds, flat.

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Sleep studies have shown time and time again that the blue light emitted from our screens wreak total havoc on our circadian rhythms, disrupting our sleep cycles. Just a few minutes finishing up a quick to-do, or scrolling through instagram, can be harmful. I really do try to shut off all my screens at a reasonable hour, but as a small business owner it isn’t always possible. Enter: F.Lux. It’s a free app that slowly warms the light emitted from our screens as the sun sets, and I know for certain it makes a difference when it comes to my sleep habits.

lavender linen spray


Part of my bedtime ritual (see above) consists of spritzing our pillows and sheets with a lavender scented pillow spray before bed. I’ve been using this one and I love it, but you can also make your own in a pinch. It may be a total fallacy, but I’m convinced that the light lavender scent instantly transports me to dreamland. 

Nightstand styling


I know for certain that my mental state has a direct co-relation to my sleep habits, which is only ever affected when I have something on my mind.  I’ve recently started meditating, in addition to daily at-home yoga practices (thanks Adrienne!), and it has been night and day when it comes to my mental health. I use the OMG I can meditate app, which is a great tool for meditation newbies and veterans alike. It also has sessions geared specifically towards sleep, relationship conflicts, confidence issues, anxiety, and anything else you can think of. 

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This post is in partnership with Annie Selke Luxe. Shop my bedding here: coverlet (in silver) | shams (in white) | pillowcases (in white) | flat sheet (in white) | fitted sheet (in white)

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