Jan 15

Scenes from my Week

blanket-scarf{my winter uniform: layers upon layers of soft fabrics}

This week was of the tougher variety, I’m not going to lie. We lost my grandmother over the holidays, and although she hadn’t been well for some time, she was legitimately my favourite person in the entire world and I’m going to miss her (and her world famous waffles) dearly. We flew to Thunder Bay yesterday to officially celebrate her life, and while the occasion wasn’t exactly a happy one, my heart always feels full after spending quality time with my family. 

Admittedly, it feels kind of weird to pull together this collection of “Scenes from my Week” photos given the circumstances, but this right here is proof that life isn’t always butterflies and roses in blog land (despite how it might look from the outside). It was a tough week, but there was still beauty to be found. As always, here’s a peek at the more light-hearted moments. And if you could all keep my (93 year old!) grandpa in your thoughts, I know he would appreciate it. 

dineen-coffee-toronto{my favourite coffee shop}

baby-sock{this teeny tiny sock has me VERY excited for my niece, due in February}

college-street-toronto{finally, snow!}

1925-photo {my grandma at 7 months old, in 1925}

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