Nov 30

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Leading Ladies in Your Life

Christmas gift ideas
Kicking off my yearly Christmas gift guides always excite me in ways I can’t really explain. I’m a bit of a Christmas nut, and the madness typically starts mid-November. I do my very best each year to keep it at bay until my American friends can enjoy their turkey in peace. But as soon as Thanksgiving is finished, it’s totally fair game as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be sharing four gift guides this year – one every Monday leading up to the holidays, and I’ve found quite a number of things I think you’ll all love. To start is this list of goodies for all of the beautiful women in your life. To be completely honest, this very well could just be “Jacquelyn’s List of Things She Loves”, butI do believe that there’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone to be found. From your finicky aunt, to your difficult co-worker, to the woman who has it all, I’m hoping this guide of pretties helps take some of that shopping stress off of your shoulders, and helps fill all of your carts with awesome. 



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Hydrating Night Mask: Sephora | Striped Pajamas: Lake | Sunglasses: SmartBuyGlasses | Nopi Cookbook: Joy the Store | Floral Pants: ShopBop | Rodin Cream: Net-a-Porter | Byredo Perfume: Net-a-Porter | Candle Trio: Net-a-Porter | Navy Crossbody Bag: JCrew | Black Clutch: JCrew | Green Vest: JCrew | Sweater: ShopBop | Splendid Pajamas: ShopBop | Gold Watch: ShopBop | Tory Burch Bag: ShopBop | Black & White Stripe Plate: ShopBop | Agate Coasters: ShopBop | Horchow Suitcase: Neiman Marcus | Johnathan Adler Candle: ShopBop | Home Baked Cookbook: ShopBop | Pastel Glass Set: ShopBop | Ice Cream Vase: ShopBop | Agate Platter: ShopBop | Necklace: Nordstrom

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