Sep 11

Scenes from my Week

 Beautiful vignette {a beautiful vignette at Black Rooster}

Although I haven’t been in school for almost a decade now (yikes!), Labour Day will forever and always feel like a new beginning. And while nothing has physically changed a whole lot since last week, for some reason the post-Labour Day transition always brings about a moment of reflection wherein I set new goals and reminisce on months passed. It’s been a whirlwind of a year since launching my own business, and this week I feel extra grateful for how life has been unfolding. With a big client install wrapping up as we speak, and a fun weekend ahead filled with anniversary celebrations, this new “season” is already shaping up to be a good one. As always, here’s a peek at this past week, in photos.

Homemade soft serve{my weekly dose of homemade soft-serve… #addict}

Goldendoodle{George, the goldendoodle, all incognito}

Farm bedroom{morning light at my friend’s farm}

Strawberries & rhubarb spritzer {fresh berries & a rhubarb spritzer on the balcony}

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