Aug 14

Scenes from my Week in Thunder Bay

Cottage life{cottage life}

Lately I feel as if I’ve been faced with a crazy number of changes. Life has undoubtedly been ripe with adjustments and while most have been exciting (new businesses! weddings! babies! houses!), I love that I can always count on the fact that a week at our cottage in Thunder Bay will remain the same. The smells, the sunsets, the orange shag rug hailing straight from the 70’s… they’re my constant, and it’s comforting to know exactly what to expect year after year. Per usual, we came equipped with an armful of board games, loaded kindles, suitcases stuffed with bathing suits and sweatpants alone. Books were read, hammock naps were abundant, and the lake made sure to instantly wipe away all of life’s worries.  

S'mores{mom’s s’more game = strong}

Hiking{inappropriate hiking footwear}

CanoeingS'more fixins'{s’more fixins}

Sunsets {the lake to ourselves}

Wildflower bouqyet{freshly picked wildflowers}

Glass lake {a glass lake} 

Corn on the cob{corn over the campfire}


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