Jul 22

12 Awesome Area Rugs for Under $500

Great area rugs for under $500
If there’s one thing that I think every room should have, it’s a rug. Not only does it both define and anchor a room, but it also adds a layer of softness that instantly makes said space feel cozy and approachable. Now, I know from firsthand experience that rugs are one thing that can very quickly deplete a budget (ahem: I’ve fallen in love with my fair share of $30,000 versions). And while I’m all about splurging on them when the funds allow for it, I’m aware it’s not always possible. Now, I know that $500 isn’t exactly chump change, but when we’re talking rugs (in natural materials*), it really is a steal. I recently switched out the matted white shag one in my office for this funkier Urban Outfitters one, and love how it instantly updated my space. Here are 12 other awesome inexpensive area rugs I adore, all for under $500.

*For the most part I try to avoid anything viscose, nylon, polypropylene and the like, which is what you’ll typically find for affordable rugs. They are great as temporary solutions, but they don’t feel soft and cushy underfoot, and they don’t usually wear all that well. They’re great for a playroom, under a dining table, or in similar “less precious” locations, but they simply aren’t made to last. 


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