May 15

Scenes from my Week

Spring dinner party {Mother’s day dinner}

This right here is concrete evidence that things are not always what they seem in blogland. I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again, it’s very easy to make life look perfect in five photos a week. I mean, although it may look like a leisurely week was had, the exact opposite was in fact true. While last weekend was lovely, the week itself was a whirlwind of beautiful madness. With a two-day install, three (potential) new client meetings and starting (AND) finishing up a construction drawing package for a huge project in the west end, I am officially running off of fumes. But not all is lost! Because my i’s have been dotted, my t’s have been crossed, it’s officially Friday and we’re all face to face with a long weekend (mine will be spent at the cottage. Yus!)  

cheese plate with honey {cheese plate perfection}

food gift idea {cute gift idea: stuffing a few favourite food items into a bag or box}

Toronto skyline {celebrating a friend’s engagement with champagne at the Thompson hotel}

gold bar {dinner at Lee (one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto)}


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