Apr 10

Scenes from my Week

watercolour cookies{watercolour cookies for Easter (tutorial next week!)}

If you can believe it, I’m sick yet again. By my count, that’s three times since Christmas. It’s outrageous! Though I used to pride myself on my ability to find (and maintain) balance, the last 6 months launching my business have clearly taken a toll. And although every last ounce of work has been more than worth it, it’s time I listen to my body and slow down, just a little. So despite signing on another client this week (woo hoo!), I made sure to take it a little easier. Mornings were slower, the laptop was closed earlier and, funnily enough, although I gave myself a lot more time to relax, I still managed to cross the same amount of to-do’s off of my weekly list. Apparently 12 hour days are far less productive than I thought. So here’s to turning over a new leaf! Happy weekend, friends. 

The best coral lipstick{my new favourite coral lipstick}

croissant sandwiches{Nadege for lunch} shoes

{a little fun at the Nordstrom sample sale}

Vintage furniture {vintage furniture shopping for a client}

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