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Easter Egg Place Cards

Easter DIY
Easter has kind of snuck up on us, hasn’t it?! All the same, I’m pretty excited about it. As kids, my family and I would always get together in and around this time to decorate eggs, followed by an enthusiastic egg hunt that always resulted in amazing prizes and goodies to be won. Oh, nostalgia…

As adults living in a big city, I feel like many of us have to resort to other Easter traditions. On my mind lately: a pretty festive gathering! I made these Easter egg place cards (place eggs?) for my guests. They were super easy to do, and made my Easter table significantly more festive. Grab the details below! XO, Coco & Mingo

Easter DIY Watercolor easter eggs Easter eggs Easter Place Cards

Large white eggs
Bamboo skewers
Watercolor paint
Paint brushes (2)
Gold leaf (or gold paint)
Gold leaf adhesive
Cardstock paper
Sewing needle or pushpin
Glue or tape
1/8″ masking or blue painter tape (optional)

|STEP 1|
With the sewing needle, poke a hole into each end of the egg. Wiggle the needle around until the hole is just large enough to fit the skewer through both ends.

|STEP 2|
Stick the skewer inside the egg to pierce the yolk. Then, stick the straw on one side of the hole and blow the inside of the egg into a bowl. (Don’t throw the insides of the egg out! It makes for one heckuva breakfast omelette!)

|STEP 3|
Rinse, clean, and towel dry the now empty (and fragile!) egg shells.

|STEP 4|
Wrap the the 1/8″ masking tape around the egg to create a fun and unique pattern. Keep in mind that whatever pattern is underneath the tape will appear white when you remove it.

|STEP 5|
Paint the egg with watercolor paint, painting over the masking tape and let dry.

|STEP 6|
Remove masking tape and use a brush to paint the gold leaf adhesive in whatever pattern you choose (or brush gold paint directly onto the egg!) Then let dry for 10 minutes. 

|STEP 7|
Once adhesive has dried slightly, apply the gold leaf and set it.

|STEP 8|
Use clean brush to wipe away excess gold leaf.

|STEP 9|
In your prettiest penmanship, write or print your guest names on cardstock paper and glue or tape them to the bamboo stick.

|STEP 10|
Fit the bamboo stick into the holes in the egg. Keep the bamboo in place by using pretty pastel-colored washi tape to cover both holes of the egg! And voila! You have a fun (and personalized) gold speckled Easter egg for all your friends and family.

Happy Easter and happy crafting!

lineDIY, Photography & Styling: Coco & Mingo  


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