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How to Makeover Your Office in 20 Minutes

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Considering the amount of time we all spend desk-side, I find it funny that our offices often become an after-thought. With increasingly jam-packed schedules and busy social calendars, many folks simply let their workspace (be it a home office or cookie-cutter cubicle) fall by the wayside. But I’m of the firm believe that a well designed space can do wonders for productivity! So I’ve teamed up with the folks at Impressed to unearth a handful of super easy ways to give your office a mini-face lift in no time at all. 

Desk necessities

20 minute Office Makeover Tips & Tricks

No. 1 :: DECLUTTER | Start by quickly sorting through all the junk. Toss absolutely everything you don’t need – and don’t be afraid to be ruthless about it! I promise you don’t need that faded receipt from 2002 (confession: I totally have a few of those laying around). 

Black, white and pink officeChair DIY

No.2 :: PIMP YOUR CHAIR | Grab a roll of washi tape in your favourite colour or pattern and begin wrapping it up the legs of your chair, stopping at the 5″ mark. All the beauty we love of the dip-dyed chair look, without the longterm commitment. 

Chair DIYCute way to hang things on your walls

No. 3 :: HANG SOME ART | Whether you hang family photos, print some of your own Instagram beauties, or choose from a collection of pre-selected pieces, I love the idea of personalizing a space with interchangeable art. If you have a little more time, consider hammering a series of nails into your wall. Next, grab some simple magnets (I spray painted mine gold!) and use them to hold each photo in place. If you’re on the fly, no worries, washi tape does wonders.

Impressed is an AMAZING tool for inexpensive art that feels super luxe (and can be changed out when the mood strikes). If you order your prints before April 15th you’ll get the mini 2015 calendar, quote cards AND the gold polka-dotted washi tape (shown) that I helped design for free with your order!

Washi tape!

No. 4 :: DECORATE YOUR DESKTOP | A cute desktop wallpaper makes all the difference. You can download the “Work Hard & Stay Humble” wallpaper (shown) right here! (ps – there’s a whole lot more where that came from right here too)

tips to makeover your office in 20 minutesDesk accessories

No. 5 :: CORRAL YOUR GOODIES | Pick up a simple white tray (here’s a marble one I’m equally obsessed with) for all of those office-y bits and baubles, tuck your pens in a pen holder… you know the drill! The key here is a place for everything and everything in its place. 

Black and white office

No. 6 :: JUST ADD FLOWERS | Whether you treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet or simply tuck a single stem in a vase, a hint of greenery goes a very long way. 

lineThis post is in collaboration with Impressed App 

Art/Calendar/Quotes: Impressed (make sure you order your prints before April 15th to get the calendar and quotes!) | Flowers: Sweet Woodruff | Desk: Ikea | Rug: West Elm | Lamp:Ikea | Chair: Horne | Desktop Wallpaper Design: Saffron Avenue | Mug: Shop by Monika | Pen Holder: Anthropologie | White Tray: West Elm | Washi Tape: Etsy


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