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DIY Lucky Leather Magnets

DIY lucky leather magnets

Hey guys! Lexy from Proper here and I’m so excited to share a little project while Jacquelyn is off touring terrific Thailand!

I’m on a bit of a leather kick. And a gold leaf kick. So it’s only fitting that we find some way to incorporate those two trends into a project for St. Patrick’s Day! Skip the green and go right to the gold, my friends, with these simple DIY magnets! They’re in the shape of a 4-leaf clover so they’re holiday-themed, but they can totally grace your refrigerator or inspiration board all year round!

Homemade magnet DIY DIY lucky magnets Gold leafed magnets (an easy DIY) Easy DIY

leather (real or faux!)
permanent marker
gold leaf with adhesive
stick-on round magnets

|STEP 1|
This really is just the easiest! I free-handed my four-leaf clover, but if you’re stuck, simply find an image online and copy as best you can! Draw the clover on the back of the leather and cut out carefully.

|STEP 2|
Paint a little adhesive on the front of each clover and wait a few minutes for it to become tacky. Once it’s ready, press the gold leaf sheet onto the clover until all the adhesive is covered! Brush away any flakes and you’re almost done!

|STEP 3|
Next, it’s time to make them into magnets! You guessed it. You simply add a round stick-on magnet to the back of each clover. And you’re all set! If you want the magnet to be a little sturdier, you can absolutely hot glue it in place. But I’m too lazy to do that! ;)

|STEP 4|
Now, place these babies all over your house and feel lucky every time you see one!

DIY magnets

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