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Beautiful Bookshelf Styling Ideas

Colorful books

Hi friends! Erin here from Apartment 34. I was just tickled that Jacquelyn asked me to drop by to keep you all company while she vacations! As such a long time fan of her work and this gorgeous site, it’s both an honor and privilege to get to be here today. So when I was thinking about what I might want to share with you all, my brain went straight to my current obsession – home organization! I’m actually welcoming our first baby in just a few short weeks and so have been in the process of reorganizing our San Francisco loft in preparation. But of course, in our world reorganizing really means re-styling! It’s fun to have an excuse to look at your space and how you want to display your stuff with a fresh perspective.

Bookshelf styling ideas

One trend in particular has recently caught my eye. After truly years of the Flip Your Books trend holding sway, I’m suddenly hankering for a little color! Bookshleves are such a great way to put your style personality on display.

Beautiful shelf styling

But that doesn’t mean you have to revert to fully eclectic hodgepodge. I’m never going to let go of my love for a modern, clean vibe. That’s what these beautifully colorful, yet still refined bookcase styling examples have been catching my eye recently. Here are a few great bookshelf styling ideas. 

Bookshelf styling

There’s the something about the rainbow organization of bookshelves that feels fresh, bright and alive. Very springy. The key is not actually putting your color groups in the same order as the rainbow. Mixing them up keeps things feeling a little more balanced. And you don’t have to stick to such strict color groupings to get the same effect. Simply grouping like tones scattered across your bookcase offers nice pops of coordinated color without such obvious color-coded styling.

Books arranged perfectly

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely feeling energized by these looks. And while our loft isn’t going to look like Rainbow Brite took over anytime soon, I think adding a bit of color could be the perfect way to welcome our little one!

Bookshelf styling ideas

What do you think – are you a monochromatic fan or are you ready to embrace bright hues? If you need even more #shelfie inspiraiton head over to my Display + Storage Pinterest board!


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