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DIY Leftover Takeout Boxes

Free printable: leftovers label

As an interior designer, I’m always preaching about the importance of all of those little layers that may seem insignificant. And though I’ve only been entertaining for a few short years (hello adulthood!), the same seems to ring true when it comes to hosting a party. Though company is, of course, of utmost importance, standing out in said company’s mind is so easy to do. During my post-holiday dinner party I shared with you guys last week, I mentioned that I created these super simple DIY leftover takeout boxes so I could send my guests home with some goodies to munch on (all the while getting rid of all those leftovers that tend to go bad in my care). Move over tinfoil! These guys were SUCH a hit, and seriously couldn’t have been easier to throw together…

DIY: leftover takeout boxes (including free printable) DIY: leftover takeout boxes (including free printable)
:: Cardboard boxes (I picked mine up at Michaels!)
:: Parchment paper
:: Twine
:: Mini clothespins (I picked mine up at Michaels!)
:: Printable leftover labels (grab it here!)


| STEP 1 |
Assemble your boxes according to package directions. 

| STEP 2 |
Cut out a square of parchment paper and tuck it in the bottom of the box (to help avoid leaks!)

| STEP 3 |
Print out the leftover labels (grab them above!) and cut out around each label

| STEP 4 |
Fill each box with your guests leftovers, tie with a piece of twine and use the clothespin to affix the label. 

Photography: Heidi Lau | Design & Styling: Lark & Linen 

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