Dec 2

45 Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

I don’t know about you, but I always find it incredibly difficult to shop for the men in my life. For whatever reason, they never seem to be terribly forthcoming with ideas. So I’ve done my due diligence. Sat down with them all and forced it out of them. Plus added a few myself, for good measure. Here are 45 gift ideas for the men in your life! From the adventurer to the geek to the homebody, I feel confident that I’ve covered most of the bases! I hope it helps:




THE ADVENTURER: Travel Kit: West Elm Market | Duffel Bag: West Elm | Plaid Thermos: West Elm | Carbon Steel Ax: Think Geek | Pocket Knife: Terrain | Twill Backpack: Terrain | Trapper Hat: Terrain | Hide and Seek Book: Terrain | Passport Wallet: Brika | Black & Silver Globe: Horne | Wool Scarf: JCrew | Leather Flask: JCrew | Wool Blanket: JCrew | Ribbed Sweater: JCrew | Photography Book: Urban Outfitters

THE GEEK: Campfire Popcorn Popper: West Elm | Wood Iphone Case: West Elm | A Spy Pen!: Think Geek | Laser Keyboard: Think Geek | Walnut USB Charger: Terrain | Birch Iphone Charger: Terrain | Homemade Gin Kit: Terrain | Cassette Tape Cufflinks: Brika | Black Watch: Horne | Alarm Clock/Radio: Horne | Perpetual Wall Calendar: Horne | Tie: JCrew | iPad Case: Asos | USB Vinyl Record Player: Urban Outfitters |  Chess Set: JCrew 

THE HOMEBODY: Plaid Pyjama Pants: West Elm Market | Stereo: West Elm Market | Wooden Dice & Card Set: Terrain | Fire Pit: Horne | Concrete Desk Set: Horne| Wool Sweater: JCrew | Slippers: Old Navy | Robe: JCrew Factory | The Softest Hoodie: Jcrew | Cards Against Humanity: Light in the Box | Thug Kitchen Cookbook: Need Supply Co. | Classic Sega Genesis: Urban Outfitters | Navy Striped Throw: Urban Outfitters | Linen Journal: Urban Outfitters | Brass Bottle Opener: Urban Outfitters

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