Nov 28

Scenes from my Week

Donut cookies! {Counting down the days until I can eat these babies, from Bake Shoppe}

Last night I attended a fabulous event at Moroco Chocolat bar, and if that wasn’t enough to test my will power, I don’t know what is! Luckily, this whole no chocolate in November thing officially ends in just a few short days. But I won’t lie, it pretty much took all my willpower not to stuff handful after handful of goodies into my purse for the future (don’t worry mom, I didn’t!). Come Tuesday though, I make no promises. 

In addition to said chocolate extravaganza, I also attended a girl friend‘s Blooms, Braids & Beauty workshop on Sunday and I kind of wish I could do that every week! It was an all out girl fest of the loveliest variety. We learnt how to create beautiful braids, as evidence below, whip up a five minute face (where I learnt I’ve been putting my bronzer on all wrong – oops), and make flower crowns! It’s like pure joy around here, if you can’t tell. 

Happy weekend friends! I hope you’re all familied out, and stuffed to the brim with turkey and fixins’. xox

Homemade flower crown {I made this!}

Pretties in mason jars {the girliest of workshops}

The dutch braid!  {I did this!}

Beautiful goodies {picking up some goodies for an event I’m hosting next week} 

All images original to Lark & Linen

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