Nov 4

House Envy: Dusty Rose

Tiny office, awesome fireplace

When you hear the words “dusty rose”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Because I, for one, immediately picture grandma’s home. In my mind, grandmothers’ homes near and far are ripe with this soft hue. They’re filled to the brim with doilies at every turn, and surfaces far and wide are overflowing with porcelain sculptures and crystal figurines. In other words? Not terribly chic. Poor ol’ dusty rose.

But never fear! I’m on a mission to break any negative connotations that this hue has been associated with. The proof: this perfectly undone Swedish home. Used very sparingly, and tucked amongst a sea of neutrals, this soft pink hue can have the most beautiful effect. And while we’re all awkwardly staring, we may as well take a moment of silence for those floors as well, am I right?

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Source: My Scandinavian Home | Via: Stadshem

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