Oct 17

Scenes from my Week

Garden rose arrangement {spoiled rotten with roses from my sweet friend}

Grief is a funny thing. Although we lost my grandmother almost 6 months ago, it hadn’t really hit me until this week. But of course, it hit me hard and fast and totally out of left field. Such a jerk, that emotion, isn’t it?

Jacquelyn | lark & linen {me, at 29 years}

You see, on Tuesday I turned 29 (which I was apprehensive about to begin with. I mean, we’re perching perilously close to 30 around here!). And though my birthday was wonderful in every sense of the word, I couldn’t help but notice an underlying sadness. Which in turn made me feel guilty because everyone was honestly so good to me all day long. But it wasn’t until I woke up Wednesday morning that I realized why. 

Colette Cafe Toronto {a birthday lunch at Colette Cafe}

In my 29 years thus far, my grandma has never missed a birthday. Not once. The card was always there on time, like clockwork, without fail.  And by the end of the day she’d call to let you know she was thinking of you (and to make sure you successfully received the card). For someone who REALLY likes birthdays, this has always made me feel incredibly special. Though I’ve of course had my moments since she passed, it really didn’t feel real until Tuesday. 

birthday glass {my birthday chalice, obviously}

But I know for certain that these emotions needed to be felt. And not feeling them is terribly dangerous for everyone involved. So I’ve allowed myself to wallow, just a little, all while reminding myself that it feels good to have had the opportunity to love someone so much that it hurts sometimes. Hug your grandma and enjoy your weekend, friends. I insist! 

Chocolate souffle {chocolate soufflĂ© for two}

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