Oct 10

Scenes from my Week

 bobbette-et-belle {mid-day break at Bobbette & Belle}

This week marks my very first as my own boss-lady and it was, in truth, all SORTS of amazing. Though I gave myself permission to slowly ease myself into this new role, everything is starting to come together fairly quickly. I had a couple of awesome potential client meetings, went for a handful of beach-side runs, and have started brainstorming some fun new ideas for this here blog. Though I was more or less planning on taking the week off for my mental health’s sake, I feel as if I accomplished a whole lot, on very little stress. Hurrah! 

This weekend marks Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada which means there are a whole lot of pies coming at my face. I’m pretty much just counting down the minutes #fatkid. Happy, happy Thanksgiving to my local readers. And I wish everyone else the most wonderful regular weekend! 


cute-wrapping {brown paper packages tied up with string ribbon}

raspberry-syrup {fab idea: using this raspberry syrup in my sparkling water all week}

Beach {crisp beach mornings}

toronto-flower-market {floral goodies at the Style at Home event on Wednesday}

All images original to Lark & Linen

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