Oct 6

Monday Musings


Sadly, Mondays tend to get a bit of a bad rep. But I’m hoping to change that, starting today! Hopefully we’ve all had a lovely weekend, some time to sleep in, perhaps a rainy day movie or two? So let’s extend those good vibrations into the week! And if you need some help, here are a few wonderful links to get you started:

:: Overnight cinnamon buns (yep, delicious goodness when you wake)
:: Reese is adorable, but her home is out of this world
:: I loved the sentiment in this article
:: Pure joy
:: Pie crust sugar cookies
:: Hilarious (it happens!)
:: 10 DIY instagram accounts to follow!
:: and how to order wine at a restaurant

Also, thank you to these fine folks for all of their love! Spreading it around a bit: Rebecca Atwood | Curbly Victoria McGinley | York Avenue | Enjoy It | Drifter & The Gypsy | Bourbon and Brown Sugar | Not a Passing Fancy | Shoplet | Paper Snitch | Comfy Cozy Couture | Yours Truly | Nomad Luxuries


Coffee in Bed: Let it Be Beautiful | Blush Fluffy Coat: Polienne | Navy Bedroom: Tomassini | Pumpkin Donuts: Portugese Girl Cooks 

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