Sep 2

Scenes from my Weekend

Statement necklace & lace | Lark & Linen {fall shopping results}

Though this weekend was wonderful for a multitude of different reasons (some new wardrobe bits included), there is one specific moment that will forever and always take the cake: we found out that Justin’s sister is having a baby girl! The whole family got together on Saturday afternoon for our first-ever gender reveal party. I’m kind of loving this new trend, if for no other reason than it gives us all just one more excuse to celebrate. This will be the first baby in both our families and the excitement is absolutely palpable. A long weekend slam dunk, that’s for sure! Here’s some photographic evidence…

Club Monaco | Lark & Linen {sometimes I wish I could live in a Club Monaco store}

Chocolate cupcake | Lark & Linen {having a moment}

Gender reveal  | Lark & Linen {I’m going to have a niece!}

White bedding  | Lark & Linen {got my hands on the most luxurious bedding. I feel like a real adult!}

All images original to Lark & Linen
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