Aug 6

House Envy: An apartment in Paris

paris apartment_living room 3

Like clockwork, every three months on the dot I get that sudden urge to go. do. see. For as long as I can remember, travel has been non negotiable for me, often resulting in wearing torn jeans or eating on a strict budget for weeks in order to make it happen. Though it’s not feasible for me to pack my bags and leave every three months, if it were an option, and since we’re daydreaming and all, I’d stay right here, in this stunning apartment in Paris. In other news: I suddenly need a velvet tufted sofa in my life. Bonus points if it’s navy! 

paris apartment_living room paris apartment_kitchen paris apartment_kitchen 2 paris apartment_living room 2 paris apartment_dining room paris apartment_bedroom 2 paris apartment_bedroom

Found: Domaine | Souce: Elle EspaƱa | Photography: Monse Garriga

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