Jun 13

Inspiration: Eat-In Kitchens


When I was growing up, my family and I lived in a relatively-small house in the east end of Toronto. Though our bedrooms were literally the same size as our beds, we happened to be blessed with a massive, eat-in kitchen. I loved the casual atmosphere that came with hanging out with mom as she whipped up dinner, and dining amidst the organized chaos that ensued afterwards was something I always looked forward to. So I’m particularly thrilled that this trend is seemingly resurfacing! I’ve noticed lately that many are opting out of formal, stuffy dining rooms and instead embracing the idea of the eat-in kitchen! Following are a few that are doing it jussssst right.

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Striped Rug: Eve Wilson Photography | All White Kitchen: Originally Posted Here | Scandinavian Inspired Kitchen: Bjurfors | Eclectic Kitchen: Brooke Holm | Bachelorette Pad: The Everygirl | Mint Cupboards: Originally Posted Here

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