May 7

Bits and Pieces of In Honor of Design


Whenever I’m in need of a bit of pick me up, I know I can count on my dear friend Anna of In Honor of Design. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you’ve all gotten to know her blog over the years, but on the off chance you haven’t, you need to do so immediately! The girl is beautiful from the very inside out, and her blog is a reflection of such. From fashion, to DIY projects to the cutest brood of babies that ever existed, there’s no shortage of fabulous on her site. So you’d better believe I’m excited to have her here today, taking over this weeks bits & pieces

::A random fact::
My first car was a red chevy nova which are a rare breed these days!

::Your go-to recipe::
Clean Green Smoothie for an energy boost!

::One thing you never leave the house without::
A large tote filled with a bunch of just in case necessities I may need for the day ;)

::The best advice you’ve ever received::
“Face the present with gratitude and you will live a full and happy life.”

::Your number one blogging tip::
Be careful who you compare yourself to. If needed, keep blinders on! You have a much better chance of being authentic that way. 

::Your go-to cocktail:: 
A current refreshing favorite: blood orange & rosemary.

::Your most prized possession::
My wedding ring. It reminds me I have someone to walk this life with who loves me unconditionally.

::On repeat::
Ellie Goulding, Burn

::Your most embarrassing moment::
I have several that involve me totally doing the splits on a slick floor it seems. However, I most embarrassing was texting my then ex-boyfriend about him when it was actually intended for my friend. Good thing he ended up becoming my husband later so I got over it. At the time it was torturously embarrassing!

::Your happy place::
Morning light pouring through the windows, my little ones in view, a coffee mug in hand, and my husband on the other side of me joining the conversation. Nothing better than the promise of a new day. A beach underneath my feet wouldn’t hurt either…

All images:  In Honor of Design

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