Mar 19

Bits & Pieces of Cocorrina

One of my very favourite parts about this whole blog thing is the ease in which I’m able to connect with like-minded people from all corners of the globe. You’d think that at this point in time (hello 21st century!) this notion wouldn’t baffle me, but I find it astonishing to this day. Without this here little place I’ve carved out myself, I never would have met the sweet and incredibly talented Cocorrina. Someone I’m so proud to call my friend, and am so excited to have learnt a little more about…

 ::A random fact::
There is no day that passes by that I don’t sing to my cat Shrek and dog
Bella. I’m pretty sure that I’ve stopped talking to them completely.
All my words are turned into silly songs – at least they enjoy it!

::Your go-to recipe::
Oh that is so easy! I am crazy in love with the typical Greek Salad.
Tomatoes, onions, feta cheese, olives, oregano, peppers olive oil and
some bread. So fresh, healthy and absolutely delicious.

::One thing you never leave the house without::
A hand cream! I’m obsessed with them. It’s kinda a thing since my
hands are always dry. I must have around 10 hand creams, in all shapes, sizes and scents, hidden everywhere.

::Your number one blogging tip::
Push yourself. No honestly, while always pushing to get better, you’ll
find yourself learning, accomplishing goals and becoming more and more creative and inspiring.

::Your go-to cocktail::
I’m very lame when it comes to alcohol. Neither my husband nor I
drink much. But when I do (every once in a while) i’ll go with Strawberry Margarita. It’s just so divine!

::Your most prized possession::
My family. All of us, as we are. Hubby, kitty and husky.

::On repeat::
The past month, Stevie Nicks, The edge of Seventeen. Having watched
American Horror Story: Coven twice now, it’s very difficult to not have this song stuck in your head. It makes me feel such a bad ass.

::Your most embarrassing moment::
Let’s just say that I have these quite often. So often that I can’t even
pick one. I’m quite goofy, -in my own world- person. You’ll always find
me tripping, falling, and saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

::Your happy place::
Whenever I’m by the sea, in the woods, nature in general. Somewhere
quiet, just the wind and the fresh, clean smell of trees.

White Vignette: Design Love Fest | Black & White Fashion: Wasteland | Plant: Now at Silentiums | White Living Room: Hannahmix

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