Mar 7

Lovely & Unrelated


I had been feeling under the weather off and on for a little while now, but on Tuesday my head and sinuses and all of that fun stuff took over and totally knocked me on my feet. I was forced to take an entire day off mid-week just to get through. Though my impromptu day off allowed me to catch up on a ton of sleep (and a few Oscar movies), which I will not for one second complain about, I’ve been attempting to play catch up ever since. All that to say that I’m very happy the weekend is here! And to keep you company while I’m gone? A few fun things I’ve found in and around the interwebs. Enjoy!!  

:: Ikea hack times ten
:: A touching speech on beauty (cue tears)
:: Must-see historical photos. Goosebumps
:: A little girl & paper dresses. Amazing
:: 10 Japanese travel tips for visiting America
:: Beautiful free fonts
:: Hilarious
:: The ultimate guide to hairbrushes
:: I installed this software 2 weeks ago and it actually makes a huge difference. I will admit, it was a little weird at first, but I quickly got used to it and it’s virtually unnoticeable now. I definitely fall asleep quicker, and stay in a deeper sleep longer. Recommend! 

Living Room: Lonny Mag | Lime, Cucumber Cocktail: Panne & Burro | Donuts: Hey Jamie Bakes | Bali Photo: SMP Living

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