Mar 5

Bits and Pieces of Oh So Pretty


If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest in the last year, chances are you’ve stumbled upon some of Oh So Pretty‘s work. Her DIY projects in particular are just beyond – and at only a year old, her blog is already making massive waves in blogland. Not surprising as the girl is amazing. Truly. I couldn’t be more excited to have Victoria here today sharing a few things we may not have otherwise known…

::A random fact::
I’m a perfectionist, it’s both a blessing and a curse!
::Your go-to recipe:: (if you have a link that’d be amazing!)
This Cauliflower Soup – my fiancé made this for me a couple years ago for one of our “stay at home dates” and it’s been my go-to ever since.
::One thing you never leave the house without::
This sugar lip treatment from Fresh – it keeps my lips smooth and moisturized, without the stickiness, and it’s the best thing as a base for any lipstick / lip gloss… plus it has SPF 15 – perfect!
::The best advice you’ve ever received::
Be humble and grateful, always.
::Your number one blogging tip:: 
Stay true to who you are. I know this sounds so very cliche, but it’s so true. It’s really easy to see what everyone else is doing and feel like you should be doing it too, but it’s important to stay true to your brand, vision, and style. That’s ultimately what will set you apart.
::Your go-to cocktail::
Well, my body doesn’t handle alcohol very well (I know, very sad) so I normally end my days with a warm cup of chai tea latte.
::Your most prized possession::
My creativity, definitely.
::On repeat::
Anything from Tenth Avenue North 
::Your most embarrassing moment::
I’d have to say the time I drove the car into our backyard fence. How can someone miss a wall of wooden planks, I have no idea, but I sure did ;)
::Your happy place::
Being outside in nature. I could be going on a walk, having a cup of tea or coffee, shopping, or just sitting around, there’s something peaceful and calming about taking in fresh air.


White Couch: La Buhardi | Floral Arrangement: Refinery 29 | Photography Photo: Elisabeth Heier | Office: Quince With Sugar | Beetle: Tokyo Bleep

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