Feb 12

Inspiration: Layered Rugs

I have to admit, when I first set sights on the layered rug trend, I wasn’t totally convinced. But over time, the look began to grow on me, and now I can’t seem to get enough. It’s a fantastic way to add immediate warmth and depth to a space, all while remaining unexpected. Instant interest, really! In addition, because an area rug can quickly deplete a budget, laying an inexpensive jute rug to anchor the space, while layering a pricier (yet significantly smaller) rug on top is a beautiful solution that could help keep that pesky budget in check. Win, win, win! 

91374ba2fe99b92b1e8a0ce0e6516cf3global-flair-livingroom maggie-mason-makeoverDarrly Carter, Elle Decor, Simon Upton

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