Feb 7

Lovely & Unrelated


Happy Friday my dears! Though I don’t have any major plans in store for this weekend (aka you mayyyyy see another post of my pjs come Monday morning – fair warning!) I’m kind of thrilled that it’s here. In true lark & linen format, I’ve been collecting fun links over the last two weeks and I think I may have found a few gems:

:: My sweet friend Sherren has just launched her first web mini-series. I could not be more excited for her! 
:: The difference between designers & decorators 
:: There’s literally nothing better than this sound
:: Tips on hanging a gallery wall
:: Kitchen cheat sheets!!
:: Fabulous free fonts
:: Hilarious
:: This made me nauseous
:: This made me laugh
:: And it wouldn’t be a link round up if I didn’t include one of these
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