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My Favourite Colour from Vmac + Cheese

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Is it even necessary to express how envious I am of Jacquelyn’s current adventure in South Africa? Besides the fact that it’s summer there, I’ve long dreamed of exploring South Africa’s beautiful beaches, vistas, and wildlife. By all accounts, it’s spectacular!

It should come as no surprise that South Africa’s stunning flora and fauna inspired local artist Frances White, who created My Favourite Colour, a “surface design company” who creates beautiful patterns and textiles for use in the design industry. Launched in 2012, Frances’ current collection showcases floral patterns based off of flowers found in the South African regions of Highveld, Cape, and Tsitsikamma. She created the designs by hand first, through drawings and paintings, then converted them into digitally collaged patterns which were then printed on her textiles. I’m completely in love with the vibrant colors in this design, while the soft palette and plants in this one remind me of growing up in Texas (both are gorgeous, right?).

Check out more of Frances’ designs below, and keep reading on for the good news — you can purchase her designs, no matter where you live!

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Now for the good news: to purchase, you can check out South African retailers here (if you’re a local), or purchase online via Etsy!


Images via My Favourite Colour

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