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Bits & Pieces of Coco/Mingo


You know when you “meet” someone and you instantly know you’re going to be fast friends? That’s kind of how I feel about Jessica. Though we’ve never technically met in person, we’ve chatted back and forth through our blogs and she’s just plain ol’ wonderful. Her positivity is contagious, she has style for days, and her blog, Coco/Mingo is filled to the brim with eye candy galore. I’m so excited to have her here today, and I’m fairly confident you’ll understand why in a minute…

::A random fact::
I’m a vegetarian with an unfortunate wheat allergy, which makes my eating choices limited but have since learned to be more creative when making my meals!

::Your go-to recipe::
Vegetarian chili – my boyfriend and I make this all the time. Even in the hot summer nights when the last thing you want is a hot bowl of chili – but it’s so good! It’s such an easy and delicious recipe filled with tons of veggies! We base our recipe on this one by Betty Crocker, but make alterations and additions here and there (like adding jalepenos!).

::One thing you can’t live without::
Animals. Cute ones at that, especially bunnies. I have 2 back home who are my babies and it’s hard enough living so far away from them! I’m a huge animal lover!

::Your go-to cocktail::
Good ol’ Gin & Seltzer with a splash of lime juice and extra limes (psst: I like limes).

::The best book you’ve ever read::
Wow! There are so many! The most recent book I’ve read that and I just could not put down and felt such an emotional connection with was Unbroken: A WW2 Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand – highly recommend this utterly amazing book!

::Currently coveting::
This is a hard one. I’m pretty much currently coveting everything I pin on Pinterest. But strangely enough, what I’ve really been wanting for months is some beautiful succulents much like these from West Elm!

::Your daily reads::
I have a ton! My favorite blogs are ones with beautiful photography and/or fantastic design inspiration, I can’t get enough! My Little Fabric, The Littlest Things, In Honor of Design, Of Trees and Hues, Oh So Pretty, Cocorrina, A Thousand Threads, Hola Irela, Paper & Stitch, and Creature Comforts, just to name a very few! Oh, and do Pinterest and funny YouTube cat videos count?

::On repeat::
Another hard one – lately I’m constantly listening to a rotating playlist of tracks from A Fine Frenzy, Beach House, Ben Howard, Of Monsters And Men, and Cold War Kids, but there’s so many others, too!

::One thing you wish to accomplish in your lifetime::
To one day get my yoga teacher’s certificate. When I can one day gain more strength in my arms.

::Your dream home::
Definitely a lot of natural light and big windows! I’d love a cottage-like or beach-style home somewhere cool and breezy, with a mix of contemporary and shabby chic decor and lots of natural wood.

::Your happy place::
Going for a calming drive out of the city and being surrounded by nature, whether it’s the ocean or the trees (I love hiking and surfing!). Or, those quiet moments I can get at home when I can enjoy my favorite TV show, movie, or book, preferably with a friendly animal of some sort!

::If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you’d do with your winnings?::
I’d like to think I’d be smart with my money and not spend it all at once – I’d get a good financial planner. I would definitely quit my day job and travel the world, eventually settling back home in Hawaii where I’d buy a nice beachfront property and a couple surfboards! I’d also give some to my favorite charities and my loving family, of course!


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