Aug 28

Kitchen Gadgets Galore!

I should probably go on record to say that this collection of items is not necessarily a list of things you legitimately need, but now that I’ve got my hands on each I’m unsure of how I ever lived without. I mean, most are total luxuries, but they’ve all made life just THAT much better. So without further ado, a list of my non-essential kitchen essentials!


1. The garlic zoom. Sure, you could chop that garlic super fine and have garlicky-smelling fingers all day long. But why would you when you can put it in a nifty little contraption and ZOOM it around the kitchen?! Mine actually recently succumbed to an unfortunate accent and I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t still mourning. I need to get my hands on a new one, and quick.

2. A Kitchenaid mixer. I probably don’t need to wax poetic about how much I love this tool. All I need to tell you is: cookies in seven minutes flat. Dangerous but totally essential for cookie emergencies (it’s a thing!)

3. A brown sugar stone. Never again will my brown sugar get all dried up and rock solid now that I have this bad boy on hand. It keeps your sugar fresh and soft for up to six months.

4. A wooden butter knife. My best friend actually introduced these guys to me (she’s from Sweden and I’m convinced that she comes from a line of genius’. I wholeheartedly believe that those folks have resolved most of lifes simple conundrums.) You can find these guys for, like, 75 cents and they spread all sorts of delicious toppings like a dream. Hole-y bread is no longer an issue in this household.

5. The Swissmar vegetable peelers. By far the best peeler I’ve ever used in my entire life. We have the whole collection and they are incredible. They glide like butter and they never dull!

6. I’m a tea snob through and through. With the exception of Tim Hortons (hey, I’m Canadian) and tea emergencies, I typically only drink the loose leaf stuff. For Life’s tea mug, with built in tea infuser and steeping lid, is a loose-leaf tea drinkers dream come true. I have two and they are in constant rotation.

7. A cast iron pan. This may go down as a no brainer but if you don’t have one, invest in one immediately! It cooks evenly and quickly and as a bonus? You even get some extra iron in your diet! They’re a little bit of a pain to maintain but they’re well worth it if you ask me.

8. Anthropologie’s mini latte bowls come in handy CONSTANTLY. Whether I’m whipping up a single serve salad dressing, need an afternoon snack (hello almonds!) or act as salt cellars while I’m cooking I just love, love, love them. Plus, they’re adorable and inexpensive and for that they made this round-up.

Now your turn. Any non-essential kitchen essentials I should be adding to my list?


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