Jul 29

Scenes from my Weekend

beaches{the Sandbanks}

 A few friends and I had been planning a couples weekend getaway for weeks now. We had originally thought we would end up camping in some random provincial park in north eastern Ontario until we got word that my cottage was somehow, miraculously, completely empty  (never in my life has this happened during the summer months). Naturally, we excitedly packed our bags and off we went. What ensued was a wonderful few days of gluttony (in both the food and drink categories) surrounded by a handful of really incredible people. With a sunkissed (ahem. slightly burnt) nose and a mild hangover, I’m ready to tackle this week in full force!

sfmw_j{sunsets on the dock}

bracelet {entertaining my inner 14 year old while the guys fished}

ceasars{breakfast caesars}

fish{catch of the day}

home{sadly, en route home}

lineall images original to lark & linen

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