Jun 14

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66268ccbf5e3ac5e278e1d85bc207c96I’ve had one of those crazy productive weeks – you know the ones that, looking back, you aren’t sure how you managed to accomplish it all? I love when that happens – especially because it means that over the weekend I’m free to do nothing of major consequence with zero guilt. Things like barbecue hop and spend the majority of Sunday in my pj’s. Does that make me sound old? It’s quite possible but so be it! There isn’t much that beats a solid day of messy hair and no makeup.

Thanks again for all your sweet comments/emails/tweets and the like re: my Amalfi Coast pictures. I’ll be back next week with even more info about each and every place we visited so stay tuned!


Have a great weekend my dears, and in the meantime, here are a few links that I’ve been hoarding and really just need a place to share:

:: My biggest nightmare
:: Wonderful advice
:: Seriously considering this
:: There’s still time to make these for dad
:: The only Tumblr I scroll through (it makes me feel calm)
:: Totally over the top but I’m secretly loving it all
:: 50 rules for dads with daughters (grab the kleenex)
:: These gave me goosebumps
:: Sad cat diary (aka my new favourite series)
:: There’s a dog one too
:: My new summer drink


line1. Source: Theo Boutique, Photographer: Aaron Delesie | 2. Source: Ruffled Blog, Florals: Saipua | 3. Source: 100 Layer Cake, Photographer: Lisa O’Dwyer | 4. Source: Rue Magazine

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