May 28

Guest Post: House Envy with Because It’s Awesome

L&L House Envy 1
Hey there! Tobe from Because It’s Awesome here, holding down the fort while Jacquelyn is off In Italy! Italy??? Italy?!?!? Seriously, you guys, is she just not so cruel?

I kid, I kid. So excited for our Jacquelyn and her adventures overseas! I’m sure I’m not the only one that eagerly awaits her photo journal upon return so we can live vicariously through her. Quite frankly, I’m not sure what I’m more jealous of — Jacquelyn getting to see Italy, or Italy getting to see our sweet Jacquelyn.

While she and Justin are off gallivanting from one dreamy space to another, I thought I would try my hand at finding a home worthy of her House Envy column. This one by Amy Aidinis Hirsch seemed to fit the bill in all of its naturally chic glory.

L&L House Envy 2 L&L House Envy 3 L&L House Envy 4 L&L House Envy 5design by Amy Aidinis Hirsch as seen in AtHome in Fairfield County via The Zhush

What do you think? Beautifully Jacquelynesque, no? ox

lineA big thank you to Tobe! You’re just the best and this couldn’t have been more on point as far as I’m concerned.

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