May 13

Scenes from my Weekend

1 favourite-park {My favourite park in Toronto}

I’m thinking that Mother Nature and I have to have a bit of a chat because the weather this weekend was absolutely¬†abysmal. It was cold and rainy and all sorts of miserable practically the entire time. Instead of fighting it, I did my best to find this silver lining: the chance to catch up on some leisurely reading, watch more than my fair share of movies, and not feel guilty when the entirety of Mother’s Day was spent indoors sipping tea and stuffing ourselves with crepes. But seriously though – Mother Nature? Smarten up!
2 mid-day-break{Cookies for two}

flowers{we hosted Mother’s Day brunch}

card{the best Mother’s Day card, ever}

5 crepe-fixins{crepe fixins’}

fam{my mom, brother and I post-brunch}

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