Jan 31

Chocolate Chip Cookies, for one

Though they’re incredibly dangerous, I’m a huge fan of recipes that make just enough goodies for a single (albeit large) serving. When I first stumbled upon the recipe for single serve chocolate cake┬áthat I blogged about some time ago, I thought I had hit the jackpot. It had never occurred to me that a similar version could be found for chocolate chip cookies. Though this recipe is INSANELY good (like, maybe the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made type good), I almost wish I didn’t know it existed. Since its discovery two weeks ago, I feel like I have to confess that I’ve made it three separate times. And had I not of recently run out of chocolate chips, I’m sure that number would have continued to climb. So here you have it: a dangerously delicious recipe that makes chocolate chip cookies for one (or two, if you’re feeling share-y. Though if you don’t feel like sharing I totally won’t tell).

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