Apr 18

Lemon Thyme Loaf

lemon thyme loafI’ve mentioned my best friend Jessica a few times on these pages before (in fact, my trip to Ireland was specifically for a Jess visit). But I’m not sure that I’ve ever shared that she’s an amazing chef. Because she is. The best even (and though I may be biased, it is 100%, unequivocally, undeniably true). So when she sends me links recipes, I just KNOW they’re going to be good. Like this one. This Nigel Slater lemon and thyme loaf might very well blow your mind. It’s moist, it’s spongey, it’s pretty much foolproof and it may just be the best thing you’ve ever eaten. Ever! Bonus: there’s lemon in it which totally makes it acceptable to eat for breakfast (at least that’s how I’ve justified it).

lemon-thyme-loaf_zestlemon-thyme-loaf_bakedlemon thyme loaf_finishedlemon-thyme-loaf_sliceTea Towel c/o Celina Mancurti

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