Apr 15

Wanderings: Florida

florida - 01Though I’ve been back for just under a week now, I inadvertently took an additional few days off from this ol’ blog here. Is it alright for me to blame the Florida sun? I just couldn’t get my act together last week no matter how hard I tried. But I’m back! And I’ve missed you guys! So in case you were wondering what has kept me away, here’s a little preview in photography format.

Despite the fact that I was working the majority of the time I was gone (once-more, working from “home” proves its worth!), I still managed to squeeze in a bit of fun in the sun (this might be evident from this collection of photos). If I’m being completely honest, this mini getaway could not have come at a better time. Between long hours at “the office”, attempting 3-4 hours of studying each evening, and trying to manage some semblance of a social life (ha!), I had long been burning the candle at both ends (I legitimately thought I might lose it a handful of times there.) But they say that the cure to all ailments is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea, and such statement has never felt more true. So if you’re ever feeling more than overwhelmed, may I suggest the beach? It really does do great things for one’s soul.

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