Mar 20

beach bag round-up (under $50)

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I’m heading to Florida with my family in a week and a half and I honestly could NOT be more excited. Though it won’t technically be a vacation as I’ll still be working throughout the week, (and studying in the evenings/weekends), the thought of sunshine and palm trees is making me giddy. The way I see it, studying on the beach and working in a solarium beats my dining room ANY day (and I happen to really like my dining room!)

While preparing for this upcoming trip I quickly realized that I do not own a beach bag. Yep, over the years I’ve become that girl who tosses her crap in her friends bag, or lugs her black leather one poolside. I decided that this needed to be rectified and set out on a hunt. Call me oblivious, but I had no idea how expensive these bad boys could be. $300 for something that runs the risk of getting sand-filled and chlorine-soaked? No thank you! So here you go – after a serious, all encompassing search, I’ve rounded up a few of my very favourite beach bag finds, all for under $50*.

 *the Jcrew straw guy is technically $57 Canadian, but it’s one of my favourites and runs under $50 American so it totally made the cut. Forgive me?

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