Mar 11

scenes from my weekend

red-velvet-cupcakes{red velvet (the best)}

paper-straws{party prepping}

saturday-morning{Elle Decor, illume & study fuel}

brasaii{brunch at brasaii}

chicken-and-waffles{chicken & waffles – I get it now.}

I’m pretty impressed with myself, I have to say. Not only did I manage to tackle a good chunk of studying, I also celebrated TWO birthdays, and left the bubble that is my neighbourhood TWICE this weekend. These days, I’m lucky if I make it as far as my best friends place, a mere 10 minute walk away. The route from my condo door to our local coffee shop on the other hand is a path I’ve become very familiar with. Two adventures in two days. We’re moving mountains people! How was your weekend?!

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