Nov 28

inspiration: advent calendars


clothespined gifts | boxed treats | a decorated window pane
24 days of tea | shadow boxed ornaments
a burlap sack filled with surprises

With December around the corner I’ve got advent calendars on the brain. That’s right. I am twenty-seven years old and I still look forward to advents. Each year my parents gift* my brother and I with one and I sincerely hope they never stop, no matter our age. Whether in the form of a shadow-box ornament display, a sweet surprise, or simply painted on ones window theres no shortage of ways to creatively count down the days.

*This year my mom picked up the David’s Tea 24 days of tea advent calendar for us and it might explain my over-eagerness for December to finally arrive. 24 days of different holiday-inspired tea? Why I never! And as an aside? If you’re feeling gluttonous, you could grab the oversized heavenly Lindt one. The thing is almost as big as I am. It’s fantastic!

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