Oct 22

scenes from my weekend

|pumpkin scones | corn mazes|
|pumpkin patching | Häagen-Dazs (thanks mom!) | some fresh air|

I had minor surgery last Wednesday (nothing to worry about!) and as a result, ended up more or less bed ridden for three days. Added to my list of things that had never occurred to me: people totally spoil you when surgery is involved. Chocolates are brought, moms make pumpkin scones (and turkey soup!), breakfasts are made, dinners are delivered and many an episode of breaking bad is watched. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

On Saturday I woke up feeling a bit more myself and felt the sudden urge to get out of my pyjamas. Not able to partake in any strenuous activity, we obviously headed north to the pumpkin patch. Some fresh air,  bright yellow leaves, a new pumpkin and a few buttertart squares later and I was (almost) back in business. It turns out, love, sweets & some seasonal activities are exactly what the doctor ordered.

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