Aug 29

get organized!

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I know that many of us succumb to the urge to spring clean as the weather warms up, but am I alone in feeling the same compulsion come fall? Though I’ve been out of school for over five years now, once September rolls around I still feel as if new beginnings are on the horizon. A fresh start, if you will. And with that comes the desire to purge my belongings, organize my boxes and bins, tuck away all my warm-weather clothes, and dust off that label maker hiding within the depths of my closet. Without realizing it, lately I’ve been unintentionally pinning a handful of organized spaces that are only further fueling this fire. Here are a few great ideas that I can’t wait to incorporate into my own home some day. In the meantime, I’ll be busy figuring out a way to impermanently affix some hooks onto the innards of our cupboards in our (rented) condo (see the first image, above. How clever is that?!)

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