Aug 17

Around Here: Hagerman Farms

Though it may not be for everybody, frequenting farmers markets is one of my very favourite weekend activities. There’s something about a lazy Sunday spent perusing fruit, veggie and flower stalls with a warm cup of to-go tea in hand. While there are many fabulous farmers markets within the Toronto core (like this and this, for example), my hands-down favourite happens to lie not  far from my cottage. If you ever happen to find yourself in Prince Edward county, Hagerman Farms is a must-visit. At over 100 years old, these guys have the history and the wherewithal to know what’s up. Here you’ll find oodles of local, seasonal produce, jams, jellies and pastries galore that will easily get you through the week ahead.

Address: County Rd 33, Picton, Ontario

I often get emails requesting advice with regards to where to go and what to do in and around Toronto. In the past, I’ve rounded up some of my very favourite locales (here, here, here & here), but I thought it’d be fun to start a new series in which I showcase some of my regular haunts. These are not sponsored posts, they are just places that I truly believe deserve their time to shine.

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